Swimming Lessons

Adult and childrens tuition.

Learning to swim is an essential skill, best developed early. If you find yourself starting later in life Penketh Pool is the ideal environment to begin. Our expert team have over 60 years combined experience in swimming tuition of all ages and abilities. We provide a range of classes designed to teach and inform, giving support and guidance to best help you achieve your swimming goals.


We recommend that youngsters start in the water as soon as possible. We also realise that this is not always possible with precious time and crammed schedules, it's never too late, either as an adult or child. Its just a click of a mouse or a phone call to that first step into the pool, you'll be a changed person, for the better, for the rest of your life!

Online Swimming Lesson Application Form
Need help call 01925 72 4515

Fill out the swimming lesson application online or simply ask for a swimming lesson application form at reception if you need help applying or have questions.


If your child is too young to start swimming lessons we automatically add them to the waiting list.


Swimming assessments are given when a child has reached the top of the waiting list to ascertain the ability level of the child, they are then offered a place in an available class slot. Classes must be accepted before the start of new lessons commence.


Please keep your contact details with us up to date so we can contact you when required. Dont miss your chance of the best lessons in the area.


This application is for Adults and Children.

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